Friday, 18 September 2009


I found this film inspiring not because of it's dialogue or cinematography but because it caught me totally by surprise in that it is completely different to what i expected in a really good way. I thought this would be an all action blowout but its appeal is subtle in Tyson's brutal honesty about the very highs and very lows of his troubled life, I always thought that Mike Tyson was a savage fighter both in and out of the ring but this documentary style film tells his real, sad and difficult life from his first person perspective which i found really intriguing and captivating. This film is about emotion and how he felt at certain times during his life and he really doesn't hold back which i thought was fantastic as you get an insight into the life of a troubled person under intense pressure. Overall this film caught me off guard and I'm really glad that the directors made it about the man not the fighting as I found it really interesting.

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