Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The ipod has become the essential item, along with the mobile phone, to have for the 21st century it wasn't the first mp3 player but it was the best and it transformed the way we listen to music on the move. It enabled us to have access to thousands of songs all at one time which was revolutionary. I think the way it was designed was key to its success it looked so much cooler than everything else when it was launched back in 2001, not an immediate success but to this date 220,000,000 have been sold. Apple are constantly reinventing the ipod so it gets better and better another reason for its massive success. The ipod has become an essential like a kettle or toaster people feel like they need one which i find fascinating how it goes from a want to need.

London 2012 logo

Still a topic of controversy to this day, the London 2012 logo has been widely talked about in the media since it was revealed mostly with negative reviews. The main issue I think people had with it was the monumental cost involved and the disappointing result in many people's eyes. I myself find the design quite awkward and unclear and not really indicative of London as it is quite a classic city. The design is quite garish and although the vibrant colours do suggest youth and modernity i think combined with the sharp structure of the numbers it looks tacky. I find the topic of the logo interesting to see all the different views however in my opinion it doesn't do london justice.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Minako Abe

This artist was brought to my attention on everyone.com, which in itself is an inspirational website for the sheer amount of exciting work available to view on there. The work is almost painting by numbers and is very clean and fresh with lots of very vibrant colour, the images are generated on a computer then put on canvas which i think works well and is quite innovative and different. The main reason I like her paintings are because of the way they play with your perceptions one way you look the painting looks like its extending away from you then the other is zooming straight into you. The images almost look like they're moving and its hard to focus on the overall paintings without being drawn into a certain section which I really like as its something i haven't seen before. If i could change them at all I Would make them slightly looser and not so constrained as they look like they could burst off the canvas.