Wednesday, 30 September 2009

BMW Tech skins

Cars are my passion and are an area i would really like to get involved in in the future, if something new and innovative is being created I became engaged with it. BMW is creating a new kind of malleable skin for their cars so that every part of the body and interior is adjustable not only is this fantastic for what the car is now capable of from a design perspective it looks unbelievable. There is no more welding or gaps in the bodywork everything is totally smooth and completely malleable which means the body can change shape but also adjust to different speeds and weather conditions. If this tech skins technology becomes uniform cars will become works of art rather than functioning machines, the original shape they've created in the advert is stunning.

Art on the underground

I noticed these interesting designs when I was in London last week and thought I'd blog about them i noticed that one of my fellow bloggers also found it interesting so i guess we have similar tastes. I think Art on the underground as an idea is fantastic it brightens up a fairly dark miserable underground environment with creative and aesthetically pleasing designs. The artwork is wide ranging and spreading through the tube so no matter what route you take to work you will see something that makes your commute more bearable. The artwork has also been introduced to the pamphlets and maps which most tourists will use which I think gives an impression of a creative London. I really like the way the underground is almost becoming it's own gallery showcasing different artists, my favourite is the tube map that Richard Long created using ancient philosophical Chinese meaning of the word 'earth' its really simplistic but very interesting.

Monday, 28 September 2009


The superlambanana is become integrated into Liverpool society and people associate Liverpool with it which i think is fantastic that a sculpture so different and odd has had such a big impact. Originally created by Japanese artist Taro Chiezo the superlambanana was revealed in conjunction with the Tate Liverpool and has historical foundations with the city in that both sheep and bananas were very common cargo's into the maritime city. I think the way they have been combined is clever as individually you can still tell that it is a sheep and a banana but they still work together. I like how different,random and cool it seems to combine a sheep and a banana as a sculpture and on such a big scale. People starting to make their own individual mark now by customising their own superlambananas with different patterns and colours which I think is a sign of how engaged the local community is with the sculpture.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Color Graphics : The power of color in Graphic design

I came across this book a few months ago when writing a topic review and thought concept of colour manipulating people's perceptions was really interesting and thought it would be a good topic for dissertation. The book explains how the different colours effect the mind and which colours evoke which emotions, in a way the topic is quite psychological however it has a definite and important relationship to Graphic Design. The graphic designer himself has a large amount of power and can change the way people feel through his work which I find really interesting and hopefully other people will too.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


This is a film that I find really inspiring and is one of
my favourites of all time, it is all action film
about heroism and the violent battle of thermopylae in 400bc. The film
is shot almost entirely on green screen and is really creatively filmed depicting Greece almost as a fantasy land. The effects are stunning throughout and is a fantastic adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel. 300 has slight fantasy element to
it which is natural considering it is adapted from a cartoon, this is amplified through the main character,Leonidas, who has god like fighting skills. Overall a really stunning and entertaining film that is a great adaptation of the graphic novel.

Friday, 18 September 2009


I found this film inspiring not because of it's dialogue or cinematography but because it caught me totally by surprise in that it is completely different to what i expected in a really good way. I thought this would be an all action blowout but its appeal is subtle in Tyson's brutal honesty about the very highs and very lows of his troubled life, I always thought that Mike Tyson was a savage fighter both in and out of the ring but this documentary style film tells his real, sad and difficult life from his first person perspective which i found really intriguing and captivating. This film is about emotion and how he felt at certain times during his life and he really doesn't hold back which i thought was fantastic as you get an insight into the life of a troubled person under intense pressure. Overall this film caught me off guard and I'm really glad that the directors made it about the man not the fighting as I found it really interesting.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Last night was film night and having watched crash previously I thought I would give it another try and found it compelling and really different to a lot of films I've watched. Crash is set in LA and has a very complex plot about how how people's lives intertwine and cause each other's lives to change. The film focuses on the massive changes that come about in the two lives when they collide, it has very clever racial undertones which tend to cause the most explosive collisions in the very large casts lives. Crash is an extremely intelligently directed film as it could have easily been a sequence of unrelated events but it is so well filmed that everything connects and you feel engaged with every character even though there are so many of them. I think Paul Haggis (director) made this film fantastically well as it could have gone horribly wrong but I found really entertaining and thought provoking.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Walker Art gallery - Liverpool Museums

Situated opposite St George's hall in culturally rich area of Liverpool the Walker Art gallery is as impressive on the outside as the work is on the inside, the style is classic similar to that of St Georges hall and very impressive. The reason I went to the Walker is because of its of collection of modern British art. I have previously studied Walter Sickert and saw that his work was on display in the 20th century exhibition so thought I would go and see it. Inside the gallery the building is very grand similar to the outside and has an old fashioned classic style. The gallery is well worth visiting with arguably the largest collection of fine Art in the North as it is part of the national museums Liverpool trust with a diverse and exciting display of Art on show.

St George's hall

St George's hall in the centre of Liverpool is a historic and treasured site. In terms of scale it is of huge proportion and in style it is classic and visually imposing. It is a multi purpose building and always has been since it was built in the 1850's which i find quite interesting as it was used for trials as well as social events. Standing in front of the building the huge pillars make a big impression on the viewer added to by the fantastic statues dotted around the outskirts of the building, I have always liked the classic 19th century architectural style of this building which really is a gem.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Liquid solutions

I came across this really cool website when I was looking for work experience in my local area and found Liquid Solutions, a creative communications agency based in Liverpool. This website is really creatively designed using all sorts of different templates and themes, such as blackboards and satellite navigation, to find your way around the site. It could said that because the website has so many different features that it is slightly confusing as to what's what however I think overall it is a really fun and different site that impresses the viewer.

Edward Hopper

I became reacquainted with the work of Edward Hopper recently when I came across his 'Nighthawks' piece in a magazine and it reminded me how much I liked his work. He is well known for his oil paintings of which I am a big fan of, I particularly like the realism and realistic situations that he creates in his paintings you really get the feeling that the scene could have been real not something created in the artists head. Another aspect I really like about Hopper's work is the subtlety of emotion he uses which I find really interesting to see.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Liver building

I chose to blog about the Liver building to show the contrasting architecture in my local city of Liverpool, I have posted about the modern looking daily post building and now the famous liver building. The first thing that strikes you is the size of the building, it simply dominates the waterfront. I think its style is similar to buildings on New York avenues with lots of slim arched windows, I also find the shape slightly reminiscent of a grand cathedral with the tall front tower with an oblong shape behind it. Overall it is a very interesting piece of historical architecture with a rich culture.

Liverpool daily post building

This building is right on my doorstep in the nearest city of Liverpool, it has most definitely stood the test of time as it still looks incredibly modern to this day even though it was built many years ago. The half moon shape really compliments the use of mirrored glass which reflects the river Mersey in front, I think this really interesting and innovative building that will continue to remain modern for many years to come.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Book cover design

I recently came across this book cover designed by the well known Faber and Faber and found it really interesting to look at. I like its negative black and white style, it's really in keeping with the dark detective theme of the book. I especially like the serif typography with its slightly distressed loose liquid style, I think the typography also combines well with the outlined skyline underneath.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Henry Moore

I was first introduced to Henry Moore at the yorkshire sculpture park and found his use of materials really interesting. I find his work has a continuous theme running through it yet all his sculptures are very different, the scale of his work is also very large which I think gives his work more impact and purpose. I have always been interested in sculpture due to its 3D element and i think Henry Moore uses this to its best degree.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

swatch advert

I saw this swatch advert on television yesterday and found it really entertaining and vibrant, it really caught my attention and is very much in keeping with the funky swatch brand. The execution is very colourful and fresh and is reminiscent of the new MTV stings, the short sharp music fits very well also. Although there is a lot going on in the 30 second advert I didn't find it hard to focus and I felt that the ad worked extremely well.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is one of my favourite and most inspirational artists I find his work so engaging because it is completely unique. He creates pieces of natural art using anything from his surroundings to create different shapes with fantastic effects. His work has no other parallels, that I have seen, which I find amazing also his use of brightly coloured natural objects is visually stunning.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Yorkshire sculpture park

I found the Yorkshire sculpture park particularly inspiring because of it's contrast between expansive landscapes, highly modern buildings combined with interesting sculptures. The work i found most stimulating was that of Henry Moore the famous sculptor who created huge pieces predominantly out of bronze. The park itself is enormous with incredible modern buildings at various intervals containing many different exhibits. My favourite part about the park was how different the work was to any other gallery I had been to, the work there was completely unique seeing aspects of Art, Architecture and light exhibitions was definitely inspiring.


A highly unusual and mysterious artist who wishes to conceal his identity which i find all the more interesting. What is not concealed is the quality and placement of his work, spray painted onto public property! I find his work thoroughly modern, highly engaging and immensely popular amongst young artists. I think this is slightly because it is against the law and appeals to the young an rebellious but I think the greater reason is because it is so clever and witty addressing a wide range of day to day issues with humor and common views of the real public.

Franz Marc

I was first introduced to Franz Marc during Art lessons at school and have been fascinated in his style of work ever since. He isn't exactly contemporary but in my opinion his style is timeless and his work really inspires me, I have seen his work previously at the Tate Britain and think the slightly blurred effect he uses could work fantastically in a more modern piece of my work.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

East side gallery

The east side gallery Berlin is definitely my favourite gallery that i've been to, open air right in the centre of Berlin it contains over 100 works of art on a stretch of the infamous Berlin. The aspect i liked most about the gallery and the wall itself was the sense of freedom employed by artists and people alike. The work far from clean cut and framed which makes it all the more appealing in my eyes as it feels far more real. Definitely worth a visit if you want to see something historic but interesting.

Graduate work

Having seen the cover of creative review this month about graduate employment it really got me thinking about where I will be in a years time, looking through the work i found it really interesting. The back cover designed by Eilin Bergum especially caught my eye and i found the copy witty and very of the moment.