Thursday, 3 September 2009


A highly unusual and mysterious artist who wishes to conceal his identity which i find all the more interesting. What is not concealed is the quality and placement of his work, spray painted onto public property! I find his work thoroughly modern, highly engaging and immensely popular amongst young artists. I think this is slightly because it is against the law and appeals to the young an rebellious but I think the greater reason is because it is so clever and witty addressing a wide range of day to day issues with humor and common views of the real public.

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  1. I was reading an article about Banksy, and he claimed, 'The art world was the easiest thing ever to make money in.' I think is work is fantastic. i love it when you see one of his works. I was on the train once and I saw someone spray painting on top of a roof and I swear it was him, but will never know. Rumour has it, that he is the son of a famous Lord or Art dealer, which is pretty cool. X