Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Thorntons Re-brand

Chocolate brand Thorntons is refreshing its image using a number of design companies working in tandem. The reason this caught my eye is because of last years adding value brief with chewing gum, toilet paper and tea bags. Thorntons new packaging really gives the impression of being a very expensive high end product aswell as creating a more youthful and vivid image. The small 'chocolate menu' could have been more sensitively placed in my opinion but in general I think the packaging looks great.

Olympic Stamps

This design was brought to my attention in design week and although small the simple line and bold colour really caught my eye. This Design was created by Royal mail's in house team working with artist Julian Opie, Overall i really like the design as it is simple and creates an interesting shape and isn't too ' busy ' for a small space.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Universal everything

This website was suggested to me by fellow blogger Ben Peers and had some really fascinating work on it and i could have blogged about many of them. The work i found most appealing was the short film for the 'onedreamrush' film festival in China. I thought for a short film it was incredibly captivating and i really liked the style in which it was done. The progression and build up of the film was again fantastic and something i really enjoyed watching.




Tate Liverpool

I decided to visit the Tate liverpool on an off the cuff visit whilst in the Local area as the exhibition on at the time was all to do with colour which is something i am interested in looking at in more depth for my dissertation. The exhibition explored the change in colour and the impact of mass produced colour on Art, the change between a colour created uniquely by the artsist and mass produced colour. The exhibiton may have looked like colour swatches from the outside but it was highly interesting and interactive with work from lesser known and celebrity artists alike such as Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol. The interactive colour lab was also very interesting.