Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Inspirational Architecture - The pyramids of Giza

Seeing the great pyramids of Giza first hand was an incredibly inspiring architectural sight. The great pyramid, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, certainly lived up to expectation not only in scale but the sheer feat of building them nearly 5000 years ago. Information is so scarce on the how the pyramids were actually built it makes it all the more interesting to me and that they are so well preserved and intact is fascinating.
 Visiting the pyramids of Giza made me realise that pushing architectural and design boundaries is crucial for development into bigger and better things. The innovation and forward thinking that occured for these massive pieces of engineering to be constructed nearly 5000 years ago really inspired me and the ideals that the impossible is possible.
 A short walk from the pyramids is the sphinx which had the same effect of fascination, it has so much detail and is in such good condition. These historical architectural sites made me want to create things entirely different and interesting just as they did all those years ago. I have had a problem with the photos and they will be posted shortly.   

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